The Truth About Cloud Computing

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:D Moar coming...

Slightly more "serious" now...

This one is really good:

Weird but not-too-bad amateur attempt (obviously some bored co-workers)


Larry Ellison (old skool... wow it means I am getting quite old... I can see why Steve and him got along... his skin looks too bronze though):

Freaky but sobering:

THIS ONE IS EXCELLENT for people familiar with technology:

This is why people might hate Apple users (or Asians)...

Another one of the few SENSIBLE explanations in all the crazy confusion:

Interesting comments about security:


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    sr2012sr2012 Posts: 896member
    Also, a good common-sense "old skool" proper explanation without all the hype and marketing and "layperson explanation (just pushing another "cloud" product).

    Edit: Here is the video:
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