Update of iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.2

in iPhone edited January 2014

I just updated my iPhone 5 with iOS 6.0.2. I had no problems in updating, but found out that all of my text messages last the name of my contact and substituted the phone number instead. Also, all of my recent phone calls did the same thing. I did notice that one call made after the update for a new contact I added showed the person's name.


My question is whether or not this lost of name information pertains to past activities only. Is there any way of retrieving names for text message threads? I have long threads with particular contacts and would like to maintain them. If they remain only as phone numbers, I may need to delete them and start new ones.


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    If its a Verizon version dial *228 and option 1 then close the phone app from tasks when it finishes. That solves this issue typically.

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    Did you figure this out? I thought I was the only one this happened to. No idea why. It's not just texts. Seems the entire contact that isn't pulled in from Exchange or Google is now gone. Very annoying. 

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    Did you try the *228 option1 as mentioned above? Again only if Verizon Wireless. Even though you are already "activated" this resolves the contacts list displaying only numeric values on incoming calls and txt messages.

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