08 15" Macbook Pro WIFI intermittent all the time

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If I plug an ethernet cable it works fine. I use a WEP password on my two wire 2701HG-B. When it fails I have to turn off wifi for about 15 seconds then turn it back on. Or, I have to tell it to join other networks thn put in my network and pass. I do this at least five times after opening Safari and trying to browse.

I have checked keychain repeatedly and all looks fine but this still happens. 


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    Couple thoughts:


    1. Check 2Wire for a firmware update, possibly downdate if running the latest.

    2. If your network addresses are automatically assigned, change from DHCP to Using DHCP with Manual Address or Manually altogether. With the former, use an IP address that's outside the assignable pool of address. With the latter, copy down all the network settings e.g. router, subnet mask, and DNS, and much like the previous also choose an IP address that's outside the assignable pool of addresses.


    If using a manually assigned IP address seems to help, then consider replacing the the 2Wire device with another model, or another vendor altogether.

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    OK. I think I can figure all that out.


    What is a known good wireless router for mac?

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    You mean this: 

    Actiontec 300 Mbps Wireless-N DSL Modem Router (GT784WN)

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    Originally Posted by Gary Brandt View Post

    You mean this: 


    I've never even heard of that company. I think you'd be better served troubleshooting the router you already have, yeah? Or did you discover it was a wash?

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    I will soon. I'm so busy right now. Thanks for the help.

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