Moutain Lion Time Machine Backup To WHS 2011 Via Disk Utility Image On Windows Share?

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I read that with Lion you could do a Time Machine backup to a network share on Windows Home Server 2011.  I read you could create a image file via Disk Utility that would be placed on the network share, but mounted as a regular disk in Mac.   I think I read this method no longer works on Moutain Lion though.  Has anyone tried it?   I'm setting up a new Mac Mini and would like to do time machine backups to my WHS 2011 drivepool.    If it is possible great, any way to use the backup for bare metal restores as well? (ether across the network, or putting that image file on a usb drive first etc)    I use bootcamp to go back and forth on my Mac Mini, but I'd like to keep things backed up on the Mac side via standard time machine.


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    This is one of the more complex questions (titles) I've seen.


    Not entirely sure what you're after, but happy to help you try. Is this relatively the procedure you're referencing? If so, you believe it doesn't work in Mountain Lion?

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    That was one way to do it, but the way I found isn't WHS (Windows Home Server) specific.


    Basicly you create an disk image file using OS X Disk Utility and place it on any Windows share.


    You were then able to mount and pick this image file as Time Machine's backup destination.


    I think their were a few things you needed to do on the mac via terminal first as well.


    I'm pretty sure I read this no longer works in Mountain Lion. (you get an error)


    I can't seem to find what I googled up a few days ago so the description above is a simple break down.


    So my goal is to do a time machine backup over the network to a windows machine.


    If it's not possible, I guess I'll have to break down and plug in an external USB drive, but I'd still like to know if it's possible for another friend as well.

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    I re-googled and found something that shows how it was done in Lion:


    I think maybe I found someone that tells how to do it:


    The question is, how do I use this backup for a baremetal restore then?   I'm assuming I would do a generic Mountain Lion restore, and then just restore over the network after I manually re-mount the image again first.


    Does this sound like a real option/solution?  Looks like maybe I answered my own question, but I'd like to hear anyone else confirm it works and is worth trying.

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