How to duplicate a standard folder with files in it and rename them using a .csv list

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I work at a school and we are trying to make e-files for all our students (a few thousand). Here is my situation:


I have a standard folder named "Last, First" with the standard .PDF files inside labeled "Last, First APT" and "Last, First DRS". These need to be duplicated and renamed using the students' names that I can put into a .CSV spreadsheet.


I also have another folder that contains .PDF files that are already named according to each student as "Last, First RPR", and I would like to have these files moved into the new student e-file. 


Is there a way to do all of this using Automater or AppleScripts? I'm pretty new to both of these applications and I'm having a hard time creating a script or workflow that would do all of this.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member
    This may help you in your quest

    Take some time to read the comments below the article - classic lol
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    Hi RobM,


    Thank you for the quick reply, but this is not really what I'm looking for. If I could set the .csv names as text variables and then use the variables individually to rename duplicated folders, that might work, but not in the way that website shows.


    Also, the useless profane rants of frustrated bloggers is truly typified in the comments on that page. Ridiculous.


    Can anyone else help?

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