How I Killed My MacBook Pro

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I had my A1260 MacBook Pro open to install an SSD.

That went beautifully. Re-installed the OS and got it up and going, fast and beautiful.


Filled with confidence, I decided to check out then oisy fan that had been making noise. Took the fan apart, cleaned it, greased it, replaced it. Booted fine.


Before I closed and screwed-in the case completely, I noticed that one of the screw heads was loose so I disconnected the keyboard again, moved it out of the way, and tightened the screw.


I plugged the keyboard back in and tried to turn it on to check. The fans went FULL SPEED NUTS and a real bad smell came from the back end of the open machine. I turned it off very hurriedly.


It was only after cleaning out my pants that I noticed that I had plugged the keyboard in upside down. I turned it around, plugged it in the right way, and now all I get is a slight twitch off the left fan when I try to start it.


I killed my MacBook Pro by plugging the keyboard in upside down. What the hell?


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    groveratgroverat Posts: 10,872member

    My battery was in during most of this, so that's probably related. Battery seems happy as a clam, though, 4 green lights and charging.


    Good thing I was just refurbishing it for life as a take-around. I had no real idea what I was going to do with it, anyway.

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