External HD's without auto Spin Down

in General Discussion edited January 2014

I'm Trying to set up an External Firewire Raid system (will invest in thuderbolt when affordable) to house my growing HD movie collection and have had some issues in the past with my HD's spinning down in the middle of transfering a large file/files.


I've had this problem with my a pair of seagate drives and a WD drive about a year ago.  Somewhere i found maybe Lacie and G-Tech dont, but this can change and Lacie is pissing me off right now with another failed drive.


Anyone have advice for which HD manufacturers do not have this auto spin down feature

- I'm more concerned about data integrety from frequent spin downs and failed data transfers

- I wanna drag and drop and forget is and not have to verify which files made it over with a failed transfer



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