HP Executive on Applecare "I’m not sure why Apple could do it and we couldn’t. I don’t know if I hav

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In an interview with The App Store Chronicle, HP's global head of Customer Support, Kathy Wright said in response to a question on how Apple could do Applecare and HP couldn't provide comparable support 



"I’m not sure why Apple could do it and we couldn’t. I don’t know if I have an exact answer on that, to be perfectly honest."

She also went on to say:





I can tell you about a few things we’re planning... Over Fiscal year 13 through 15 what you’re going to see is a lot of momentum in the digital space... on the assisted front they’re really looking at addressing some of the policies, and the ways we interact with our customers in the assisted channels and then how we handle cases. So there will be a lot of good things there for the customer as well, when it comes to chat and the tools we use, and also how we engage with the customer via our assisted channels. There a few very good things coming from HP support, so I’m looking forward to the next year. Hopefully we’ll be seeing less and less of the comments you brought up from customers. I’m really hoping that these are good things. They should be because we listened to the customer and we’re responding to things they’ve asked us for.

This reminds me how much I love Applecare. It's 100% American, [usually] fast, and they're willing to do whatever necessary to make me happy. They've fixed several issues really effectively for me, and even when out of warranty they're friendly. HP has a lot to catch up on.


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    This tells me that Apple needs to offer three years of AppleCare, worldwide, by default. To completely decimate any attempts from others to match Apple's current support.

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