iPhone using internet only.

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I'm thinking about getting the iPhone 5. But one thing about all the plans for the iPhone is that they're really expensive. Most are more than $1200/yr. That's a lot of money.

I was watching this video and this guy claims you could get by with just Internet service.


Is that true cause that would save me some money?


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    Well, you can't get one with just data. No company will do that, at least in the US. They're not going to let you forgo their profitable phone service for their equally-profitable-but-far-more-used-therefore-we-don't-want-you-to-use-it data services.


    And some terms and conditions pages will tell you that you're not allowed to use their data for VoIP.


    Cheapest yearly price in the US is $495 a year from Straight Talk. Unlimited calling, unlimited texting (you won't need it; iMessage), and "unlimited" data. Conflicting reports about the latter. But they also have the most draconian data use policy and are prone to just cutting off your service without warning. Also it's AT&T's network and there's no LTE.

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    Consider an iPod Touch and a cellular hotspot, if you can still get a data plan for one of those in the "land of the free".
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