50 gig of Cloud Storage from "Box" for free.

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    This feels like advertising. Only advertising.

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    Then yank it Skil.


    But in my defense....it's trooly free.
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    marvfoxmarvfox Posts: 2,275member

    There as to be some gimmick with this I am sure.


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    "The only hitch: the maximum file size is 250MB"  ... shame. 

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    marvfoxmarvfox Posts: 2,275member

    Another come on again.


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    Yo, Fox.

    How intelligent of them to come on to us with 50 free gig for life.


    I got mine.

    By the by.....The naut is correct. Downside is that 250 meg file upload limit.

    Still.....can put a whole music backup for even the largest iDevice Ya' happen to be holdin.

    In my opinion.....this seems legit.
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    And that "Box" app works like butter....so far.
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    This is a remarkable offer presented by Box.net. Though they always offer 25GB storage through out the year of 2012 and now with the start of 2013, they offer 50GB...I mean WOW! I have just signed up for the account and now i am playing with my data on the cloud. The only drawback is that the maximum file size is of 250MB, only. It should be unlimited image After using a couple of free online storage services, i came up with a decision of keeping Box.net for longer period. Thanks for the sharing, by the way! 

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    macgizmomacgizmo Posts: 102member

    I got the offer a long time ago. But Box servers seem slow compared to Copy.com - which I now have 250 GB for free, and more seamless syncing. Box is definitely more flexible as far as business use goes, but for simple "dropbox-style" backup and sharing, I prefer Copy.

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