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I purchased a new iPhone 5 last week and I'm looking for a new case already. I got cheapo case when just until I find the ONE... I was using a Quattro case for my iPhone 4. It was a great case and I see that Ivyskin has a new one now called the wrangler for 5 but I wanted to finalize before purchasing one.


After reading reviews and a bit of research, my choice is now between their new Wrangler case and otterbox defender case.


Otterbox looks very rugged but bulky and the screen is made of plastic compare to Wrangler case which looks slim and still packs the 4 layers with glass rather than plastic guard!


IvySkin Wrangler case




Otterbox defender case








Prices on both cases are $50 and they both cover home, and all other buttons/openings as well as the screen. 


Please share you thoughts .... 


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    kenkankenkan Posts: 6member
    I went with the wrangler case. This case is great. I can carry my phone around in my pocket and not worry about dropping it. I purchased it based on an article I read on men's fitness selecting the best iPhone 5 case which I really think it is.
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    iPhone 5 is one of the most latest and most popular model of a mobile phone.There are many people who are wants to buy it and many people round the world who use Apple products.


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    I can recommend you this case: I am using it for 6 months and it is still in a perfect condition although it is in a cream color.

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