Providers fed-up with Apple changing SIM card sizes?

in iPhone edited January 2014

I have been looking for a SIM card for my iPhone 5 recently. In doing this I have realised that iPhone 5 users are limited in their choice of providers.


In the UK, maybe  providers have just put their foot down and decided not to jump when Apple tells them to? I couldn't blame them really but if iPhone is the best seller surely they should provide the right sim cards. Here are the networks that iPhone 5 users would have difficulty with:


  • Vodafone -  They have No Nano SIM on PayG but they do on PayM

  • O2 -  Nano SIM available to order on Payg But only not on O2 PayM ...unless you order the SIM with a phone.

  • Virgin Media  - No Nano SIM on Virgin at all


Please add your expreience with getting hold of nano SIMs..




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