Native Instruments revs Traktor DJ app for iPad

in iPad edited January 2014
Developer Native Instruments on Thursday introduced Traktor DJ, a new app designed specifically for the iPad that allows users to turn their tablets into portable mixing stations.


From the creators of the Traktor brand, Traktor DJ reproduces essential features from the desktop Traktor Pro 2 DJ software, giving users two decks with dedicated 3-band EQ and filter sections. The user interface is built to allow users to manipulate waveforms with multitouch gestures. For example, by grabbing a selection with two fingers, users can set loops, perform scratches, scrub, browse tracks, and more.

Other notables include a "Freeze Mode" that halts the waveforms for precise editing, and a feature that scours a user's iTunes library to select songs matching the tempo and harmonic structure of a set in real time, allowing users to construct live mixes on the go.

Traktor DJ is available now from the App Store for $20 as a 24.8MB download. The app requires an iPad running iOS 6.0 or later.


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    I've been a DJ back in the vinyl days and I must say this new technology for mixing now is incredible but it's also very advanced. I'm left in my old ways unable to progress because to me it is so confusing what works with what and how it works at all. I guess I'm finally old enough to say "I'm too old for this stuff".
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