Tutorial of Change iPhone Screen by Yourself

in iPhone edited January 2014

Before doing anything, make sure backup your files in iPhone.

1. Prepare the tools and take out SIM.

sheet metal, tweezers, pentalobe (the screwdriver) and others in the picture




2. use pentalobe to take out the two screws in bottom.




3. push the cover forward and then lift it.




4. Starting with the battery.

Do not take the battery out at once, because it’s connected with the motherboard with cable, be gentle here. Pull the cable under the battery compartment and then take out the battery.





5. disassemble the screws of speak. Remember, small one on the left and big one on the right.





6. now take the speak and microphone out, pay attention to two screws and one socket.



7. disassemble the screws of speak. Remember, small one on the left and big one on the right.

pry up three cable interfaces near to camera and the screen, then removed two screws for vibrator in the upper right corner, longer one on the left and shorter one on the right. On the left of the vibrator, there is a special screw, and here you need a larger flat-blade screwdriver.

There is also a screw hidden under the battery paper. Use a needle to pry it and you’ll see the screw, get it out.





8. take the motherboard out


9. disassemble the camera and separate all of the cable. Camera is still connected with motherboard via cable link, so pry the cable first and then take out the camera.

8. After taking out the camera, 

9. now disassemble the screen.

take out the screws on border, including signal line, data outlet, border fixed places at both sides, four screws that at the corner that used to fasten screen







10. separate the screen and the main body. Before replacing the new screen, you need to disassemble the receiver at the top of the screen and put it onto the new screen.

11. when putting everything back, remember first install the gravity sensing equipment and speakers, and then the motherboard connection, camera, shielding strips and batteries.

12. put the rear cover back and press the HOME button to see if it works.

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