Watch what they DO not what they SAY...

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It will be interesting to watch Apple's actions over the next few weeks. 


1) If the company really believes in its future, right now should be a golden time to buy its own stock. They haven't done anything special yet. Why?


2) Surprising that insiders are not buying at this point. Bob Iger at Disney bought some shares in November, but nothing meaningful from insiders since then. Maybe they think we are due for more pain before it gets better.


3) Tim Cook has said that the product pipeline is "chock full" for 2013. He also said that 2012 was a very innovative year for the company (Apple Maps & iPad Mini = innovation?). Where are the new products? Even the rumor mill is pretty weak other than iWatch. I would be interested to hear what people on this forum think regarding Apple's timeline for releasing new products. They just refreshed nearly everything in the fall. Now what?


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    Where's the "Other (leave in comments)" option?

    I guess mine would fall under acquisition, though: themselves.

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