iphone 5_design devolution?

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Does anyone else miss the curved edges of the iphone 3 series? I recently bought the iphone 5. It is a very nice looking phone but after using it for a few months the square edges feel very mechanical to me. The aluminum body also seems to conduct the cold and its a killer to use in the winter, especially in Canada. Now the black finish is coming off of the bevel. Its a great OS and UI, don't get me wrong but I think that Apple's designers needs to re-consider some of their design changes.


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    I quite like the curved edges but there were a few flaws with the old designs too. The curved metal on the original iPhone got dents in it. The plastic on the series 3 cracked and the glass on the series 4 shattered when dropped.

    With the square design, the iPhone 5 metal can't get dented and because it's metal, it can't crack or shatter. The coating can get scratched more easily but they just need to put a stronger scratch resistant coating on. It does get colder but a plastic/rubber case would solve that and can offer the curved edges as well as avoid the scratching.
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    Yeah although some prefer using their phones without a case because it is a nice piece of design and feels good in the hand. Some advantages of the square design are that it is a more efficient housing for the inner components and you can stand the phone on its side in a pinch. But Ives and his team have a problem with the bevels on the IPhone 5 because its diamond cut sharp edges won't hold a finish no matter what. Maybe they can return the curve to the edges in the manufacturing of the aluminum body?
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    Hey, This is really nice discussion done on this post regarding iPhone body which is really critical for iPhone users. I also used iPhone 5 that provide great features but as per the its aluminum body concern i like to say it create a problem in winter season. I hope apple might be do changes in future.

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