iPod won't turn on for periods of time

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It seems that everytime i take my iPod out to class, i look down after i turn it off for a while and it wont start up. It wont start up again for days, and then the apple icon pops up the iPod when plugged in(via firewire to iBook), but it doesnt charge or open in iTunes, then after another day if comes back to normal suddenly and charges in the computer and will play songs again. No memory is lost or changed. I thought that maybe i had bumped it while I was out or that it got too cold outside or something, and that is why it wouldnt start up. I dont know, but I was wondering if anyone else had this problem and knew how to fix it. I think i just have a defective iPod. Maybe i should figure out how to contact apple, although all of my stuff is back at home and isnt immediately accesible. Right now, it hasnt played songs since like wednesday, and shows no response to being turned on or being plugged into AC power.



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    I'd try three things. One, make sure you haven't hit the lock switch accidentallyh - it's on top, next to the headphone jack. When you slide that switch, it locks every button and function on the iPod, so songs and settings won't change while you're exercising, or doing other crazy things with your iPod.

    Also, most problems I've had with my iPod relate to the battery not being charged all the way. Plug your iPod into the AC adaptor that came with it for a day when you're not using it. For some reason, the computer doesn't charge it fully after it startes acting up. At least for me.

    You should also check to make sure you have the latest firmware installed.

    Hope that helps.
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    if ur ipod is unresponsive you can reset it, by holding the play/pause and menu buttons for about ten seconds (with hold in the OFF position). it doesn't always work, but sometimes it can kickstart the ol' pod. Resetting doesn't erase any music on the ipod, but it may change settings like the click sound, or EQ sets. I never really play with those, so I dont notice if they are changed. I'm also fairly certain that any calendars you have will remain on there.
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