Installing VNC remotely.

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Is it possible? My server's a couple hundred miles away and for the most part I can do things through the CLI, but other things would be a ton easier if I just did it using the GUI (like software updates). Is it doable? I'm fairly terminal savvy so that won't be a problem. Just need to be pointed in the right direction. TIA.


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    you can. i did it. theres a program for osx called "OSXvnc-server". If you download and open the dmg (i think it comes on a dmg), then u can mv the program to ur hd. You can open the dmg with "open <filename>;". That opens it in the Cocoa environment, and will send it to disk-copy. It'll be mounted somewhere on /Volumes/. Then, to run the program, cd into it's Contents/MacOS (full path should be like: /Applications/OSXvnc-server/Contents/MacOS/). Then do "OSXvnc-server&". It spits shit on stdout and stderr sometimes, so u may want to redirect those to /dev/null; or just kill ur term and open a new one. It might be necessary to pull that program out of the MacOS folder, i keep mine in my home for easy access. Theres no nice way to put a password on it though, because a password has to be an arg, and that'd expose it to anyone who telnet'd or ssh'd into ur computer. I recommend only keeping it alive as needed since the password problem exists.

    edit: in order to download the program, i suggest you on some local GUI discover where the program's download link is, and then on ur mac "curl -O thatLink;" Or find an ftp server holding it, and ftp (from the mac) into that ftp server.

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