problems with software update

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what's up y'all. i have a pismo running 10.2.3. recently i've been having problems with software update. when i try to update, it downloads the updates, but then says there was a problem and i should try "downloading checked items to the desktop", and that doesn't work either. this hasn't been a problem since i can get the standalone installers from, but as far as i can tell there is no standalone installer for quicktime 6.1. here is what commandline softwareupdate tells me:


[bachir:~] root# softwareupdate QuickTimeSU-6.1

Software Update Tool

Copyright 2002 Apple Computer, Inc.

Downloading "QuickTime"... 10% 20% 30% 40% 50%2003-01-27 00:45:02.423 softwareupdate[496] File failed to verify using production key

. failed. (SUInstallControllerChecksumError)

[bachir:~] root#


anyone have any ideas?



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