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Does anybody know if this can be done with the hardware any present day computery fellow has lying around? (in short: a digital camera, normal flavor 2 mpixels with optical zoom, a stand to fix and rotate camera on 1 exact spot, a computer (ibook) and time to make it happen).

Is this doable? I'm doing a website on this here town I live in, and I thought some of those VR things might just be great. Or would I need a special 180/360 camera? Any apps someone could direct me towards? Any experiences?


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    Well, they make special tripod heads for it, but I suppose you don't need one of them. Just makes it easier. You'll also need software to stitch the QTVR movie together with. I don't believe there is an OS X version currently. Apple should have some mention of it on their site.

    It's not that difficult, really. Depends on your goals. I've done some professional QTVR shoots for some clients, and lighting can be a time consuming process... but really, you probably won't need to worry about it.
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    arnearne Posts: 29member
    the next question will be:

    which tool to use to make the

    panoramic pictures vr-able?

    i know that there's an authoring kit

    around, but i don't know name,

    and so on?

    anyone please?
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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    <I just screwed up a knowledgeable post, so I'm keeping it short>

    I was able to create a nice spheric VR 'picture' with the set up I mentioned (the standard flavor 3x optical zoom HP digital camera and a camera stand, a 'tripod' as our English speaking photographer called it). The app I used: Realviz Stitcher (in OS X). It works VERY well. It adjusts colors and stitches fairly well, so that you can actually reach results close to those linked to in Apple's QT VR gallery.

    Apple's own app, Quicktime VR Authoring Studio, is ancient: 1997, needs system 7.5 or higher, needs 16 MB of RAM, is not a viable competitor, methinks. I haven't been able to find anything past version 1.0.1, though I have the impression that there is a version 2.0.

    Problem: Stitcher is 'comfortably' priced at $450. That is over my head. I have a demo version, but I can't seem to save anything with it, and it isn't full featured. I'll have to have a look around the web.

    Another app, VR Worx, doesn't seem to be that easy in first contact, and doesn't look nice at all, so I won't even bother.

    Even Apple's antique piece of software is still $395 or something like that.

    Well, that's my temporary roundup. I guess some people here know more than I do, after one hour of web scouring.

    Let's hear it, no?
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    zozo Posts: 3,115member
    in the Apple Developer pages, under Quicktime I believe, there is an app for making QT VR files.

    There is a function in Adobe Elements 2 for making 'panoramas' but havent tried it yet so cant tell you what the heck it does although I would THINK it makes QTVR files.

    Ironically enough there is a PC app that makes AMAZING QTVR files. Used it a year or so ago and cant remember what its called anymore.

    In anycase, all it takes to make a QTVR is take approx 8 pictures (or more) and then sort of 'stitch' them together. Pretty easy actually, I even made some without tripod.
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    noseynosey Posts: 307member
    If you would like to know all the nitty gritty details of Quicktime VR, find the Quicktime VR Book, by Susan Kitchens. (Amazon has some details on it)

    I went into Chapters severral times before buying it, and it answered many questions, including why people should buy the special holders, and why a larger number of frames make the stitching easier (especially with wide angle lenses)

    The copy I have is several years old, but it answered a lot of questions.

    The program I used was the original Apple one, but I haven't made many since my Tripod broke... (sigh...)
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    escherescher Posts: 1,811member
    der Kopf: Have a look at <a href=""; target="_blank">this thread</a> in the Software Forum.

    I've heard great things about the panorama feature in Photoshop Elements 2. But I haven't actually tried it myself. Canon also makes a simple piece of panorama software, which it includes with PowerShot cameras. I've only used the OS 9 version, but I understand there is now an OS X version.


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    neutrino23neutrino23 Posts: 1,546member
    VR Works is OK. They have a new version coming out sometime this spring.

    A previous poster had good advice. Pick up a book and read it. This is not hard but there are some small tricks that will make you more successful.
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