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Has anyone used this? if so have you got it running?



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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    i got it, and a few other AI'rs do too, methinks. its kind of annoying (i think) to have to find people's IPs though. i wish there was some way to automatically discover some hosts or something.
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    Two Questions.

    It doen't seem to play more than one song, it just stps so you have to select the next song why?

    If a few people are listing to music off your computer how much lag will you get?

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    thuh freakthuh freak Posts: 2,664member
    i only enabled it for a short time, and the most efficient way i got it to work was by dragging the songs i wanted onto my library (initiating them to be copied locally). then i'd play from my library as per usual, with the new songs in the running.

    streaming songs seems very slow. i'm guessing thats where the one at a time problem comes up. i think the lag is pretty substantial myself, its one of the reasons i only used it for one night. but ur asking a qualitative question, and my opinion may not coincide with urs. i dont know stats of how much bandwidth, or what percentage, it takes up.
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    The big problem with iCommune afaict is that it updates the list of songs from the servers you have connected to once each couple of minutes making iTunes inresponsable (You get the wheel of dead). I had to take it out of the plug in folder to be able to use iTunes again.

    Kind of sad it didn´t make it farther than a beta(alfa?). COuld have been one hell of a plug in. Now we have to wait for iTunes 4 that includes lan streaming via Rendevouz
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