Ati Xclaim VR / 128

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Wow two posts in a row.. any way.

Ati's Xclaim USB Tv Adaptor, Has ony one got this sucker to work in OSX?



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    No-can-do. You can output to RCA video off of the card, but ATI never wrote the software for OSX to grab TV or video *from* on external source.

    I have one of these cards too and it's just a piece of junk now on OSX.
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    RE: Video input/ouput

    Keep your fingers crossed for the end of the month:

    <a href=""; target="_blank"></a>; (re: OS 10.2.4)

    [quote] While the seed notes didn't include a list of bug fixes, Apple Developer Relations suggested that testers focus on ATI/NVidia software, audio software, CoreGraphics, printing, the Finder (including file search), Sherlock, and the HIToolbox, or High Level Toolbox. For the server release, Apple provided more specific testing requests in several different categories, including directory services, web and mail, file services, Workgroup Manager, and NetBoot/Network install.


    Maybe there will be movement on this with the next release?

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    You can keep your fingers crossed, but I wouldn't hold your breath.

    I meet with ATI reps twice a year in person at Macworld, and I ask them this every time. It really is most likely not going to happen, and that's what my reps tell me every time. Only way it would happen would be if ATI brought out a new "All in Wonder" or "VR" card, and I don't see that happening. They won't officially comment on unannounced products, but we haven't seen a new VR card since the 128, so you do the math.

    The OS9 software was pretty shoddy at best anyhow. I'd suggest looking into another solution. This is precisely why I sold my VR 128 card well over a year ago. I'd suggest you do the same.

    (That ThinkSecret article is referring to driver updates for ATI/nVidia hardware, and modern hardware at that. (The Rage 128 is how many years old now?) The TV Tuner not only required a driver, but an actual piece of tuner software. Perhaps if Apple included the TV Tuner driver you could use Btv or something, but I honestly don't see that happening)
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    Well, here's hoping the rumored system update will allow me to control my video toaster! Yeah...

    Okay... maybe not.

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