Avast Free Anti Virus for Mac's

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Avast have just released a FREE  Mac version of their Anti Virus!  Being still a relative newbee to iMac & Apple, IS this a good idea to install (specially free version) or is it just a waste of time and power?  Have had no virus or trojan problems as much as I'm aware of on me iMac....Some council on this would be appreciated....ta 




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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member

    If you feel insecure use ClamX - it's been around forever.

    Cant really comment anything about Avast but suspect its another PC money grabber looking for a toehold.

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    Thanks RobM, I suppose its more psychological knowing I have some form of protection in stead of nothing, so will follow your advice... ta very much...

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    robmrobm Posts: 1,068member

    No worries, matey.

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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Originally Posted by kennybouy View Post

    …a waste of time and power?



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    mikeb85mikeb85 Posts: 506member

    Generally anti-virus is a waste of time on OSX, Linux, and Unix-like OSes...  Just don't be stupid and sideload random apps, or browser plugins.

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    Thanks Mike, appreciate your comments...

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