iMac as mini monitor

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Hi. I'll try to be short (and hope to be clear). I have an iMac 24" 2008 (core 2 duo 2.8 - 4gb) that I use mostly for photo editing. I'm thinking of getting high performance getting a mini. My questions:


1. is it possible to use my iMac as a monitor of mini - does the mini dvi on iMac allow input so it can be used to make the iMac a mini monitor ( i red something like that elsewhere clicking an F2 combination key but can remember where)? If so I can use all the mini power and get al peripheral on the iMac ate the same time as the iMac would be a monitor and a iMac at the same time.


2. otherwise is it wise using mini for processing hard applications by a wifi net (installing the app on mini and start then in the iMac by wifi connection)? there any other a way to improve iMac power adding an mini? 


Thanks for reading.



Ps.: I'm in Brazil so things get much more expensive here (about twice us prices) and there is a very weak second handed market...


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