Dissapearing Icons in OSX

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I'm using a Powerbook G4/667 with 512 megs ram

Ocassionaly My icons go wonky in OSX 10.2.3. At first they will not highlight when I click on them. Then after a while the icons on my desktop will start swapping around. For instance I will drop a stuffit file there. Download a Real Audio file. and look at the desktop and both icons will be real audio icons or folder icons. Then it gets real annoying and they just dissapear. However, double clicking does opens the correct program.

Restarting clears it up, but it gets real annoying. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks


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    I got the same problem!

    But I solved the problem.

    Just delete the .DStore file on the desktop.

    You can do this in several ways. It's probably the easiest from the terminal but you can also use somehting like tinker tool to see invisible files as the dstore is invisible.

    Hope this will solve the problem
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