memory differences between G4-Ti's

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I just bought a second had 800mhz G4-Ti, and wanted to upgrade the ram by buying from

Why are there different model numbers for the 512-module depending on Titanium models? (example: 1Gig-Ti, 800mhz-DVI, have different numbers, etc...) Don't these machines all use the same type of 512-ram modules?

Also, will one of these fit in my old Pismo?


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    You want PCI 133 144 pin SODIMM Ram.

    Check for the best prices. Apple's prices are extremely inflated.
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    You'll want to purchase PC133 144pin SODIMM Ram. Check for the best prices.
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    And yes...a 133 DIMM will work in a Pismo. Ideally, you'll want a PC100 chip, but some 'universal' PC133 chips are backwards compatible.
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    i realize the ram-config that i is just a bit confusing cuz on the apple-site, it lists different model numbers for the same product depending on laptop-model. <img src="graemlins/oyvey.gif" border="0" alt="[oyvey]" />
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    Ignore Apple's site. They know less about what works in their machines than third-party vendors do. For example, they list the Wallstreet PowerBook's maximum RAM as 192 MB, but it's actually 512 MB. They list USB ports as a requirement for iTunes, but they aren't needed for the program to run.

    Different part numbers don't matter. All PowerBook G4s that are 667 MHz or faster take the exact same RAM (PC 133 SODIMMS). The Pismo and all 400-550 MHz PowerBook G4s take the same type of RAM (PC 100 SODIMMS). The latter group can also use some PC 133 SODIMMs.

    Don't worry, Apple makes it more complicated than they need to.
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