the long awaited UMA 2.0

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remember way back when the first UMA board was announced? It was supposed to increase performance and decrease production costs. Then the UMA 2.0 rumors started and when the next revised UMA board was introduced didn't it end up being UMA 1.5 and not the next full 2.0 revision? My question to all of you who have said that a G5 intro was not possible because there wasn't a board for it finalized yet is, could not it be possible that the G5 board has existed for quite some time finalized because I remember how DDR was supposed to have been introduced already... i remember how i heard of a quote from john carmack saying how simply adding ddr memory to a G4 board would increase performance in 3d games by almost two fold.


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    tarbashtarbash Posts: 278member
    I think UMA-2 will make its debut inside the PowerMac G5.
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    logan calelogan cale Posts: 1,281member
    I remember discussion about UMA 2 when I first joined AI...oh, wait, that was only a year and a half ago. Damn, lots of stuff has changed since then.
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    matsumatsu Posts: 6,558member
    Perhaps UMA-2 will appear first on the new iMac, just as UMA-1 appeared first with the Bondi iMac?
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    There is no such thing as UMA 2, UMA-1, ect. It's just a single unified Mobo that Apple uses, and they update it from tim to time, piece by piece. Thus, some Macs have more advanced UMA mobos than others, but none are UMA-1, the original design for UMA.

    I personally don't care what they call it, but I want to see a motherboard with a 266 MHz system bus, a G5 CPU, and ddr RAM.
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