Where is the Stock headed?

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Apple is down 5% today. I can't seem to find any negative news on the company reported. Is it round 2 of frantic selling?


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    Beats me.  I keep buying options on the stock as it goes down, thinking maybe it has hit bottom.  But no bottom so far.  It sure would be nice if we could hear something reassuring from Tim Cook and the boys, but they remain silent.  

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    Yea, the stock is like a black hole now. Unless they come back and announce a huge dividend or a completely new product, I don't see any hope for it in the short-term...Time Cook's time could be nearing.

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    Originally Posted by firhill07 View Post

    Time Cook's time could be nearing.



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    Report from one of the analysts that iPhone numbers will disappoint. The only thing that I can imagine justifying this level of a drop is if Apple actually misses their own guidance. While I am not a fan of engineering results, with the measures they have in place already for buybacks I would think they can get the EPS in-line.

    Apple basically guided for a low-end EPS of $8.85 and a high-end of 9.87. The street is still averaging around $10. So, if Apple didn't sandbag their numbers, they will disappoint.

    Apple basically forecast a 5-9% top-line growth and a 27% drop in profitability.

    If you have lots of faith and nerves of steel, it is a good time to buy. Hell... at these levels the yield isn't too bad even. But, so far, there doesn't seem to really be a great incentive to increase a position. We'll see next week... if Apple pulled of 43% margins, beat on revenue, and increases the dividend we might see $500 next week. (Don't count on it.)
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    Apple suppliers expect weak demand from their main buyer = Apple expects weak demand.

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