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I know this is not Mac related but I am trying to register for a shareware program for my Powerbook with PayPal but everytime I submit the form for payment, it begins to process the page and then goes back to the screen I just filled in. The only things missing are the passwords I typed in. The passwords cannot be wrong because that section reads "Create new password" so I type it in. The next section reads "Confirm password" and I type the same password in. But the page will always come back here with those passwords blank. It gives me no information of why it is doing this. What do I have to do to make PayPal take my money?


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    elricelric Posts: 230member
    Which browser are you using?
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    I am using Safari 1.0 Beta (v51)
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    I have found that Safari does not handle all forms and Javascripts properly .... send a bug report to apple, then boot up IE and I'll bet it works.

    I know, IE has it's problems, but it does handle most web pages properly.
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    never tried safari with paypal, but it doesn't work with ebay well at all when i list stuff, so i tend to avoid safari on important sites
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    jaskejaske Posts: 73member
    First, using Safari I have listed several items on eBay, and I have used PayPal extensively over the past few weeks, so I'm a little surprised by these posts.

    That being said, you could enable Safari's debug menu, and select another browser as you ID to the eBay and PayPal servers:

    Open and cut and paste:

    defaults write IncludeDebugMenu 1

    Hit return, and restart safari (or have it closed for the cut and paste) and you can select how you will identify yourself, so to speak, to these servers. This might alleviate your problems.
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