Task Management Apps

in macOS edited January 2014

Hi! I'm looking for a task management app to help my wife and me manage our household a little better. 

Here's what I'm looking for:


- Native apps for both Mac OS X and iOS, with syncing between them. I want native, and not web-based, because:

  - I want to be notified of important events/tasks using Notification Center (Mac OS X and iOS), not e-mails

  - I want to be able to leave the app open on my Mac to see what tasks await me, and not have it get lost in a sea of browser tabs

- Ability to assign tasks to others

- Ability to set a due date and, presumably, a reminder

- Subtasks would be helpful, but not critical

- Assuming the best app for me isn't free, I'd much rather pay a one-time fee for the app(s), rather than a monthly fee for a service


We're just running a family, not a multimillion dollar corporation, We don't need the best, most expensive tools out there. I just need a good way to have a to do list of all the bills I need to pay, or for my wife to assign me the task of calling the gardener.


Thanks in advance,


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