Recording terrestrial TV

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I have terrestrial/antenna TV for all my stations in the area in which I live. I get very good reception and use a Panasonic DVD recorder for all my recording needs.  


I have been very unhappy with the working of the DVD recorder for my over the air TV shows and I'm wondering if I can use like a Mac Mini and some other device to record shows and put it over my HDMI on my big screen TV?


I would understand that perhaps I would have to have a Mac Mini used as the operating system and then connecting to maybe some program that allows the channel to be selected and we recorded maybe one or two at the same time and then projected to my TV. I have an Apple TV if that would help.


So the question is, is there way to do this simpler and easier with any devices on the market today.


I know I'm in a satellite/cable world but where I live & I can't afford it nor do I need it. So I want to do the old-fashioned way of recording it myself and use it at my beck and call.


Thanks for any advice given here.

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