6400 oddness: PSU related

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I used my trusty 6400 for about ten minutes today. It then locked fairly badly: partial loss of vertical horizontal and vertical sync, no mouse movement.

About the same time the PSU started whining. The Mac now refuses to boot (even after an hour of fiddling). However, it does boot happily with an old 6300 motherboard, which doesn't require 3.3V from the supply. The 6400 board works fine in other cases.

Any suggestions (except "get a new Mac" )? How do you get into the PSU unit? How much should a 6500 motherboard cost? (I have tonnes o' 6x00 specific stuff: G3 L2, TV tuner card, network card etc. so £50 would probably be worth it).


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