How do you stop files opening in Classic mode?

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My friend has boh OS9 and X on his computer. When he double clicks a quicktime image, it starts opening classic ... is there any way to stop this from happening?



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    The QuickTime file was probably made with a pre-OS X version of QuickTime. ctrl-click on the file and go to Get Info (or Open With..but I think thats just a one time thing). When the Get Info panel opens, click on the little arrow next to Open With. Then, use the drop down menu to choose the QuickTime you have for OS X (presumably 6.1). When it asks you want ALL files of that type to be opened by this app...say yes. Then any older QuickTime file will be so treated.

    Hope that helped!
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    or just delete OS9 off the HD ...
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    alcimedesalcimedes Posts: 5,486member
    the first suggestion would be just as effective, and less traumatic to your system.

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