Can someone recommend a "real" 2.1A USB car charger?

in iPhone edited July 2014

First off, how can I tell if the USB car charger is charging at the rated 2.1A/10w? I recently purchased this car charger from the Apple store Just Wireless Mini Car and A/C Charger. My iPhone5 was at 53% and in 33mins was charged to 78%. Is that charge time normal for a 2.1A charger? I feel that the Apple 5W USB Power Adaptor charges faster but I have yet to time it.


Has anyone tried this charger from Monoprice? 1 Port USB Car Charger 2.1A


I'm trying to find a dual 2.1A USB car charger but most of the ones I've seen are 2.1A and 1A and I can't justify spending $30 on a car charger.


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