Is the MBPr webcam keeping up the comparison with the Iphone 5 camera?

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If not the rear camera, then at least the front one? And why not bringing the Iphone camera quality to the macbookpro, it would be pretty cool.


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,388member

    Obviously not the back camera. And I doubt the FaceTime, and why should it? It's just a videoconferencing camera. It wouldn't need to be higher resolution than the screen on which it's projecting.

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    yazolightyazolight Posts: 118member

    As far as I know, facetime is also for videoconference. So at least it should be at the same level as the iphone facetime camera!

    And although it doesn't need a higher resolution than the screen on which it is projecting (it would already be a quite high resolution on the rMBP), there is much room to improve: make the camera less laggy for example, more fluid, idk, just make the image quality better. Don't you think its would be so much more enjoyable to videocall with your kids and get a video quality as good as good as what is displayed on mac advertisement?







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    yazolightyazolight Posts: 118member

    Bump, am I the only one who  wanna chat with his family with a video quality similar to what we can see on the advertisement?


    Why nobody sue apple for a lying commercial.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,408moderator
    yazolight wrote: »
    am I the only one who wanna chat with his family


    They should match the quality of the video to iOS devices but it's probably not a high priority item for them as there are alternative options for people who want better quality:

    If it ended up adding $50 for everyone and only benefits say 10% of the users, it's not really worth doing. Unlike with a communications device, it's not really an important feature for a laptop.
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