Problem with the fullscreen setting in Mountain lion

in macOS edited January 2014

Hi, I am experiencing a problem with the full screen setting of my Mountain Lion. The trouble is that when I run apps such as Safari, Zotero or Scrivener and I open, say, the preferences window, this is automatically set in fullscreen, although it should not be so, and eventually the fullscreen setting of the app messes up. I have already got in contact with the Scrivener team and they suggested that was a problem related to one of the apps I use to manage my windows, i.e. RIghtzoom and WindowTidy. Following up this suggestion I uninstalled and restarted my laptop, but nothing has changed. I have also tried several other solutions (see here) but unfortunately without any outcome. I wonder if anyone has already experienced this problem or if you have any suggestions. Thanks. Alfredo

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