Cannot print to shared printer from iPhoto

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Don't know whether it's iPhoto's simplified Print dialog or what, but I cannot get iPhoto to print to a shared USB inkjet printer. Here's my set-up:

1. PowerMac G4 (667 Mhz) running 10.2.3 has two USB printers connected: A Brother HL-1240 laser and a Canon S750 inkjet. USB printer sharing is turned on.

2. PowerBook G4 (800 Mhz) has my iPhoto library with 3,000+ photos.

I am using Airport to connect both machines to each other and to the Internet.

When I try to print anything from iPhoto on the PowerBook, it immediately brings up the "Processing Job" progress bar. No Print dialog box, no nothing. If I attempt to cancel the print job, iPhoto quits unexpectedly. If I let the job process, it prints to the Brother laser.

This *only* happens with iPhoto. Every other application gives me a print dialog box and lets me select from the two shared printers.

Any idea why this might be happening or what I can do to fix it? The lack of a print dialog box is really mystifying.


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