Media Center Solution. Time Capsule?

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I own a 17" MacBook Pro. I do not own a desktop computer.

I am looking to figure out how to store and easily access all of my media and Photoshop files externally, and leave my laptop drive (320 GB 7200RPM) fairly open for optimal read and write. I also have that drive partitioned to run Boot Camp on half of that. I would also like it to back up automatically.

My iTunes library with all media (which is in iTunes Match as well) is about 200GB

My photo library is around 100GB.

My Photoshop files are around 100GB.

All of this media I want to be able to store externally and view, listen to, work on wirelessly. 

My current setup is an Airport Extreme with a 2TB USB drive attached. This set up as a media center is fraught with issues. It runs not all that well as sometimes the video is jerky when viewing movies on my laptop. When I run a movie or something and I am downloading something at the same time, the hard drive will often disconnect itself. When I remove the laptop from the apartment, I get a message saying I did not properly eject the drive, even though it was only wirelessly connected.

I thought about Time Capsule, but I don't know if I can use it in the way I want to.


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    please, show picture for everybody help you.


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    relicrelic Posts: 4,735member
    Yes you can use your Time Capsule as a Media Server without problems. I also recommend connecting your 2GB drive to it as well. Use VLC to stream your movies for best performance.

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    nofeernofeer Posts: 2,422member

     I'm thinking the same thing-motivated to off load my macs HD  so when i get my new MBP's w 256 ssd  i can have plenty of space

    will also do some major delete sessions clean up them up


    got the time capsule 3tb

    have two macbooks

    wish to combine itunes libraries to the TC

    combine iPhoto pictures to TC

    handbrake video's to TC


    clone the remaining macbook HD  

    back up with time machine to TC


    from what i understand i can't sync my iPhones iPads to the TC 

    will still sync to my new MBP's when I transfer from old MB


    make sense????


    got a lot of work to do


    can you please give a step by step on how to do this

    thanks so much

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