More than 384 ram in a Beige g3/300?

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On my rev. C Beige G3 300, I have 3 128 meg "sticks" of ram in it. I tried replacing one with a 256 stick, and it caused mail to lock up all the time and everything to run funny. When I run it in a pc, it runs perfectly. It is 256 meg pc/133 ram so it should work fine. Tried every combination imaginable, including it by itself. The comp starts up fine, OSX recognized it with no problem but programs act very funny. Obviously I am back to 384. But, I am looking at upgrading it with a G4 processor as my iMac bit the dust, and I need something faster for cheap. (Final cut pro and stuff does not run nearly as well on a 300) So, if it will not work, then I will not put the money in for that. If someone has any ideas, please lemme know. Thanks!


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    The Beige G3 Ram is very finicky. 256 Mb 133 SDRAM is fine but there is another number (something like 32 X 64) it has to do with the way the chips are structured on the board or something like it. You just have to find one that works with your Beige.

    In this image, I have 2-128Mb ram chips and a 512Mb chip that I got for $15. Unfortunately, it will only show up as 256Mb.

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    Ya. Mine is 16 chips... The most that any of em have. I just fine it weird that it shows up, but does not work right. The problem is I do not have any money to spend right now on anymore, but ya. Thanks a bunch.
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