Automatic daily restart.

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Ok. So the past few days I have been suprised to find my Beige G3 has restarted sometime over the night. (Ok, sorry, I know this machine gives me problem after problem that I have to ask about) Anyways, I was using it and somewhere around 11:55 and 12:05, it just all of a sudden restarted. Tonight at the same time it did the same thing. I have absolutely NO clue why or how this would happen, but it is sure frustrating. Any ideas? Zapped the pram and all but I will not know for another day if that was affective...


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    I've had that happen a few times with my laptop in firewire disk mode or in sleep. Sometimes on my Beige G3 the keyboard and USB optical mouse will lose power and I will have to force a restart. But it has never completely shut down on me.
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