Problems with Apple laptop headphone jack

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I have the newest version of the mac book air 13 inch i bought right before 2013. I have been having a lot of problems with my earphone jacks, I would plug in my earphones and the most sound would only come from the left bud, there is very faint and little sound coming from the right. It is not the earphones because it works on all my other devices, anybody know whats wrong?


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    i don't know???

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    apple ][apple ][ Posts: 8,687member

    Assuming that your sound balance is not turned to towards the left (in preferences-sound), then it seems like your problem is hardware based. Maybe the headphone out connection is funky. It happens, I once had a Powerbook that had a headphone out connection that went bad.


    If that's the case, then you should just take your Mac Book Air into an Apple store, as you're probably not going to fix a hardware problem by yourself.

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