Sharing files between OS X and 9 computers

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At work, we have an OS 9.2 computer and an OS X 10.2.3 computer. There is a group of Quark files that we both need access to in order to work on them. The way that we currently have it set up is that all of the files reside in the Public folder of the OS X machine. The 9 machine simply mounts this folder, and then works on the files.

The problems that I have are these:

On the OS X machine, when I try to save a file (that has already been saved, never when saving a new file) I occasionally get the error message that it could not save because I do not have access. After I get this message, if I close the window and click No when asked if I want to save the file, and then reopen it, I find that the file was indeed saved. It's getting annoying.

A similar thing happens on the OS 9 machine, only that error message is that the file is locked, and you can never get it to save.

I'm about to go crazy!

What are we doing wrong?

Any and all help is much appreciated and will be rewarded by a croissant.


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    It's a bump.

    It's shameless.

    But I am seriously going crazy here.

    What am I doing wrong?!

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    Sorry, haven't seen this. The only thing I can think of related to this is permissions. Try running this in the terminal in OS X.

    sudo diskutil repairPermissions /
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    I have two suggestions for you. Actually 3.

    1. Working on a file, live, off someone else's hard drive is a bad idea. Just copy the file to your hard drive, work on it, and copy it back when you're done. Guarantee that will work. That's how I've always used servers - your way is just too much hard drive stress, and slows the other person's machine to a crawl (which is already slow, if they're using that bug-ridden Quark5 with the system freezes every 6 minutes/5 seconds)

    2. I would keep the files on the OS 9 computer. Here's my metaphor - OS 9 had never been taught how to play with OS X, but OS X was engineered from the kernel up to work with OS 9 smoothly. Or else Apple would have a catastrophe on its hands for mixed networks.

    3. Stop using OS 9, and get rid of Quark!!! We have the exact same problem here - our resident dinosaur will not switch to InDesign and OS X until the printing industry does. (God help us) His running OS 9 is causing all kinds of problems with our network, backups, printing, etc, and I have to stay late and fix it.

    Hope that helped.
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