Apple Store further drops refurbished 4th-gen iPad, iPad mini prices

in iPad edited January 2014
Apple on Friday slashed prices for certified refurbished fourth-generation iPad and iPad mini models, with savings going up to nearly $150 in some cases.

iPad mini Refurb

The price drop, first spotted by TUAW, comes over two months after Apple first started selling refurbished models of the latest iPad designs through its online store.

With the added cuts, a 16-gigabyte iPad mini with Wi-Fi comes in at $279, representing a 15 percent, or $50, reduction from retail pricing. Previously, the 7.9-inch tablet being sold through the Apple Certified Refurbished store carried saving percentages in the single-digits.

Prices for the latest full-size iPad also dropped, with the least expensive 16GB Wi-Fi model coming in at $419, or 16 percent off retail.

On the high end, a fully equipped 64GB iPad mini with Wi-Fi plus cellular comes to $549, or $110 off list, while the 64GB fourth-gen iPad with Wi-Fi plus cellular is being sold at $689, a 16 percent savings.


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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member

    I wonder if the 2nd-gen mini will launch at $299… 

    I realize they're just trying to dump stock here, but still. 

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    zhulinzhulin Posts: 2member

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    uzinuzin Posts: 3member

    iPad mini at 8 inch screen size perhaps is way better than a full sized iPad, way more practical in terms of portability. However, take a note that the model mentioned above doesn't support the cellular network. You'll have to spend approx. 100 dollars more to get the cellular network supporting model. In such a scenario, it would be sensible to check out Samsung's Galaxy Tab2 as well. I in fact found this interesting public popularity poll between these two rivals at ;

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