Need help understanding Cloning, Backups, Images, etc.

in macOS edited January 2014
I could use some help understanding the differences between "Clones", "Backups", "Images" and so on.

I hope to buy a new 13" cMBP today, and based on some previous research, it seems like Apple is being a real drag in no longer offering "Recovery DVDs"...

When I get my new MBP, the first thing I am going to do is install a larger HDD.

As such, I will need a way to install an Operating System and Software onto this new HDD.

Some people has suggested using "Carbon Copy Cloner" or "SuperDuper" to make a "clone" of the Factory HDD onto my newer HDD.

Which is where I'm getting confused...


1.) What is the difference between a "Clone", a "Backup" and an "Image"?

2.) What is the difference between "Carbon Copy Cloner", "SuperDuper", and "Apple's TIme Machine"?

3.) It seems to me that "Time Machine" could be used to copy everything over to my new HDD, so what would be the advantage of using "Carbon Copy Cloner" or "SuperDuper" versus "Time Machine"?

4.) On average, how much space would I need to make a copy of everything on the Factory HDD on my new MBP? Would it fit onto a USB Drive, or do I need a whole other HDD?

In the end, I guess I want the following...

a.) A copy of everything from the Factory HDD onto the new, larger HDD I plan to install. (i.e. Mountain Lion, Apps, etc. But No data!!)

b.) A copy of everything somewhere to serve as my "Recover Disk" in case I lose everything, or have corruption issues - which happened twice with Snow Leopard!!!

Hope all of this makes sense?!


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