Time Machine backups (much) smaller than they should be

in macOS edited January 2014

I've been having problems doing backups with my new WD Elements 1TB USB3. The drive is probably at fault (failed backups for no apparent reason, spontaneous disconnection) and tomorrow I'll try to swap it, but there's one other thing that is bugging me:

-the TM prefs says the full backup should be 300GB+, but the ongoing operation (one hour to go, usually fails before that...) is doing a 193GB backup!!!

Where are the "other" 107GB?!??! 


Even if the target drive is faulty, the TM program seems to be misbehaving. Anyone had something like this happen? It's driving me crazy for a couple of weeks now.


Mac Mini, Mountain Lion 10.8.3, 8GB RAM

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