Interesting iOS7 ideas

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being able to organize apps in a different way would be nice. this concept with foldering could make things easier. live app icons are a must and an improved app switcher would be nice.





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    tallest skiltallest skil Posts: 43,399member

    The lock screen redesign (for its own sake) is bad.

    "Color coding" apps is bad, and the aesthetic is too much like Windows 8 and Google's theft thereof.

    Animated wallpaper for what reason?

    I assume the next image highlights widgets. When presented with a mockup thereof, why people can't instantaneously see why doing this would be horrendously stupid is way beyond me.

    Is there something different about the way these notifications work? Looks the same to me.

    What's the point of thumbnails in the app switcher wasting more RAM and taking up more space?

    And you're missing the point of the controls in the Multitasking Bar; they're not supposed to be the full app.

    I have zero problem whatsoever with the addition of those toggles, and I think that being in the Multitasking Bar rather than Notification Center like everyone else seems to want makes more sense.

    "Unified apps"? Absolutely disgusting. No.


    I sure as heck hope Apple doesn't listen to anyone who thinks they know what iOS 7 "should" have, because people don't have a flipping clue that they don't actually want widgets.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,430moderator
    I think it's a really nice job and a few nice ideas but the 4th image down looks cluttered and the color scheme is too much like Microsoft products. Nice try at putting widgets into the grid style but it shows why Apple doesn't do that and Android does. The App Switcher is nice because it allows them to use left/right for pages of settings and vertical scrolling for multiple items so they don't have to decide which options to keep. Overall, I think it's a really well made concept and gives a good impression of what an overhaul could do for the OS, it just seems wrong in some aspects for Apple.
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    spiralspiral Posts: 16member

    As a first pass it's better than what Apple showed today.

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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,430moderator
    spiral wrote: »
    As a first pass it's better than what Apple showed today.

    A few aspects were closer than I expected e.g settings panels. I don't like Apple's light transparent shapes as much as the dark ones. It's cleaner than before and they have actually removed a few of the skeuomorphic elements like the compass in the compass app. They corrected the Maps icon too so the direction marker doesn't fall off an overpass. Game Center icon is a bit odd but nice to see the green felt go as well as the leather - there isn't really a very strong abstract icon for gaming (except a controller, which they don't use) so I suppose spheres will do the job once the association is made. Craig made a few cracks about those tacky UI elements - he really did a great job with his presentation.

    The colors Apple has used stand out nicely, the layout is efficient and they have nice typography. The Messages UI looks nicer than before. I think they've done a few things that look like Windows such as the color palette and the blurred glass effect, which I've never liked much. It does keep the background visible without distracting from the foreground but that can be done without the blur - they just decrease the opacity.

    I prefer the slide to unlock bar visually but they might have removed it so that you don't have to drag the marker all the way over for it to work. It can be a shorter swipe now. They've definitely gone for minimalism here and taken away a lot of superfluous design that didn't serve much purpose. I think the change will serve its purpose which is to look fresh next to the old UI. I don't think it will look like a regression when you have them side by side.
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