One month from today...

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...on January 8th, we'll know all the surprises Steve has in store for us at MacWorld in San Francisco!

From all the rumors and all the supposed speculation and leaks, we're definitely going to be delighted with a new flat-panel iMac. The only thing yet unknown is whether it will use the new 1 GHz G3 processor by IBM, or whether it will use a G4 processor.

I think we will see a G5. Maybe just one model. And Steve will probably announce it's availability in mid-February. I think a demonstration of Gigawire will take center stage and show how G5's can be clustered together to form "one brain," and accomplish the tasks of rendering and computing complex tasks.

Photoshop for OS X will be demostrated. And a final version of DVDStudio Pro. More important however, will be their use on the latest hardware announced. I wouldn't be surprised if you see the beta do a bake-off on the G5 against the fast Pentium 4 running XP.

I think we'll be surprised to learn that the new PowerMacs will have a new case design, completely different from the QuickSilver/El Capetain design. And I think along with the new PowerMacs, we'll see a specialized rack mounted PowerMac server.

I don't expect much of a demo of OS X 10.2, but I don't expect them to completely ignore it. I believe they will have to demo this in order to show off iPhoto, perhaps.

I believe pricing will become aggressive on all products, and we will see a $50 drop in the iPod price, too.

Whatever the case, a month's time won't come too soon!


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