iPod mounting problems

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When mounting my friends iPod on my PB we ran into some difficulties. Its giving an error message saying there is nothing for OS X to read. What's the problem, thanks everybody - Josh


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    ur 'pod may be formatted for windows (fat32, i thnk). i'm not too sure how to check (maybe disk utility). if u dont have anything on it, u could just reformat it.
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    Try switching FireWire ports. The one you're using may be bad.

    EDIT: Also, run Console.app before pluging in the iPod. See if you can discern any error from what the Console says.

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    It's an old 5gb mac iPod that I've had for a while and has always worked fine. I'm on a powerbook so only have one firewire port. I have nothing essential on the iPod itself and so am fine with reformatting, but if I reformat in disk utility, will the software still recognize it as an iPod and not just as an external hard drive. Thanks for your help.
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    See next message.

    Thanks Defiant! What the heck did I post there?

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