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Okay, it's my 10th anniversary today as a member of AppleInsider and so I've taken the liberty of (sort of) bumping a ten year old thread. This thread is interesting historically and displays insights of early members.



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But more importantly, we continue to see new technologies developing (while not yet implemented in iPod) that could easily begin to expand iPod into something else...perhaps the CENTER of the "digital hub" rather than just a spoke on the hub.

Who knows. The point here is that whether or not Apple be growing iPod into something that effectively becomes the center of a personal digital hub. Something that effectively is a new computer platform. Slowly...surely.




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...maybe it will evolve into a pda...maybe not, certainly it is a trojan horse of sorts, in that, everyone loves it, and once they get their teeth in, they see apple in a new light.



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...How about evolving into your computer, and replacing your desktop or laptop?



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I've said it before and I'll say it again...

I think the iPod is destined to be a Personal Organisation Device (as opposed to a PDA )

I also like Matsu's idea (if I remember correctly) where he likened the iPod to being a digital wallet. I think he proposed the concept of being able to download images directly from your digital camera to free up memory card space. Now that would be a handy feature too!.



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    Contrast this with the posts on MacRumors at the intro of the iPod and you'll see who the real Apple fans are.
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