THINKING of coming from Android to iOS.

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I am considering coming from an Android platfrom over to an iPhone 5. And, I have some questions. Perhaps here might be a good place.

-YEARS of Google, Gmail,'s all there. What happens to all of that? Can I use my Gmail/Google Drive/Google Keep (notes), etc...can I use it on an iPhone? Play Music? All of the music and videos that I have stored?

-Will the 5 get the iOS 7 upgrade? Free? I think I 'heard' this fall it'll be released. It appears very nice and actually is what may sway me to try an iPhone 5.

-Have any of you came from an Android platform? How did that transition/migration go for you? Did you miss all of the storage you get with an Android phone microSD card?

-Camera..My Razr Maxx makes absolutely perfect pictures that I've enlarged up to 11x14 printed and they are flawless. How, in reality, does the iPhone compare to that? (For the ex-Android user to answer, I guess)

-The screen size is definatly smaller than my Maxx.


I know I can search these things, but I wanted insights from REAL people and users here, if possible. If not, that's ok as well.


These are things I'm thinking about as I consider this move from familiar to totally unfamiliar.

Thank you.


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    Yes... Google works on iOS ... there's an App for that.


    The camera on iPhones has been widely critiqued as among the best point-and-shoot cameras out there ... but opinions are like belly-buttons.


    Screen-size (and therefore, device size) is a matter of personal preference... I prefer a device that fit's in my pocket, so a 7" phone wouldn't really please me anyway.  But if you only ever carry it in your purse (or is it called a satchel?), I can see how a larger screen might be desirable.

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